Friday, January 27, 2012

Saving Cain.

Hi, everyone I'd like you all to meet Cain.
Isn't he as cute as can be?

Cain is quite most of the time but still adorable.

His date of birth is June 2008, so he's turning four this year.

Cain doesn't have much time left.

So one of my 2012 goal is to find Cain a Family that will love him.
So could you please help and share this blog for Cain?

I know I've rewrote this blog about Cain many times but it's worth it just to find this little guy a Family.

I'm sorry there's not much to read but I hope you injoyed reading about Cain.Thanks again.

It means the world to me and Cain!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Angels -Madison

Madison is new to becoming a prayer warrior!  She isn't an official "Prayer Warrior" yet, but she does have two special little girls in mind that she's started praying for.

Everyone meet, Gloria & Margaret!  Two absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby girls awaiting their forever families to step forward & commit to adopting them!  Oh what a dream & blessing it would be to see them smile in the arms of their forever mommy or daddy!  I can't imagine how they must feel being so alone, so cold, so unloved.  Never knowing or hearing the words "I love you!" EVER, never before!   Such a sad thing to think about.  IT IS TRUE, though!   If we ignore them & act as if we never seen it before, it will only grow to get worse, much worse, I'm afraid.  

I think with the help of God & you we'll find their forever families! :)

Now time for me to introduce them to you!

First is Margaret, what a precious angel with a beautiful face shining with hope!   Someday, someone will be SO very blessed to call, Margaret their daughter!    Those dazzling blue eyes, and light brown hair, made so perfect by our creature, God.  And oh boy does her Daddy (Many times I will call, God our Daddy, because He IS our heavenly father. Just so you know.)

Margaret is treated different because she Down syndrome.  I'm not exactly why the world treats children that God made a little more special, so different, like they are alien babies.  That's not the case at all.  I wish the entire world could see the true beauty & blessing of a special baby like Margaret!  A true princess waiting to be crowned by the person who will step forward & adopt her!

The LAST thing I want to see is precious, precious Margaret end up being on the "In Loving Memory" page....oh I can't express how AWFUL that is!   I can't STRESS ENOUGH how much you would be doing for Margaret if you stepped forward & made her YOUR daughter!  Give her the love, hugs & kisses every little princess needs at her young age.
The smallest things we got when we were little, Margaret DOESN'T EVEN KNOW EXISTS!  Don't let Margaret die with out ever knowing what love is, or ever getting a hug from someone who truly loved her, or ever getting a kiss on the cheek, a loving person who will tell her good night, read her bed time stories, sing to her, watch her grow up to be a big girl!  Teach her the things that she NEEDS to know, that she DOES MATTER, she does <3

If you aren't in tears enough yet, take a look at pretty little  Gloria! She is beyond gorgeous!  What a little bundle of pure JOY!  She would be bless some greatly!  I can see her, smiling & laughing in the arms of her forever family, now.  Oh if someone would step forward & adopt Gloria!  What a moment of bliss it would be!  She is exactly in the same spot, Margaret is!  No ones ever loved her, no one kisses her, holds her, tucks her in at night, wipes away the many tears she cries in an orphanage.   She stays in a bed ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT!  Just imagine that for a moment.   I believable, isn't it?   Some orphans are tied to a bed, so that they won't move. :'(  HORRIBLE!   Not one living human deserves that, MUCH LESS A CHILD!   A baby needs love, someone to care & hold them close.  I could go one FOREVER.   The point is, I'm Gloria & Margaret need to find families, or they will DIE! Don't think it's possible?  Take a look at the "IN LOVING MEMORY" page, IT IS REAL!

Let's NOT put precious angels from God on that page, let's build up a strong tower of hope & prayer!  Because, with out God we won't go anywhere to save them.  With the help of our God, our Heavenly Father, WE CAN SAVE GLORIA & MARGARET!!!  We can.

I know money is tight for many people during these times, but please, if you are able, donate to either one of these baby girls!  Even a dollar could move them one step closer to finding their forever families!

Another HUGE thing for them would to SHARE this post, their profile page with friends, with the world! It is one big way of helping find these children families!  Spreading the word helps in amazing ways!

If you have any questions at all email us @ We're happy to help you ANY way we can possible!

Please, don't wait another minute....if God is pulling at your heart, don't turn away, don't ignore it.  Listen....SAVE <3

I'm so proud of my little sister, Madison for stepping up & praying for these babies, doing what she can!  Knowing she can help save!

My Angels -Kaitlyn

My story about how I found Reece's Rainbow is a long & not too exciting one, but I will tell you one thing.  If it wasn't for God I wouldn't have ever found myself desiring to save little lives that are true treasures of God.   I am currently a "Prayer Warrior" for four absolutely beautiful orphans, all special & touched my heart in amazing way!

My beautiful and only little girl, I'm a warrior for would be, Tabitha!  She is with out a doubt one of the most gorgeous child I believe I will ever lay my eyes on!  Just look at those sparkling blue eyes!  How on earth she hasn't been adopted yet, I have NO clue!   

She is such an angel, I've been her warrior for a while now, the day I find her pretty little face on the My Family Found me page will be a WONDERFUL, day!  I will be thrilled beyond words! 

My second precious angel, Henry!  He is so adorable!  I fell in love with his chubby cheeks & thick black hair.  I have such high hopes for him!  Because he's located in China, I'm told it was harder to adopt from there & not many people go to adopt there.  I hope that one day his family will wait NO MORE and come forward to save their new son, Henry!  He deserves a good family to cuddle & cradle him in their arms.    

Please help me & keep Henry in your prayers, nothing is impossible with God & HE can save Henry!  

Also if you are able you can donate to his adoption fund,

Third is little Doug (I call him Dougie all the time..I like to give each children nicknames.) I was lucky enough to become his Angel Warrior this Christmas season, along with many of my friends.  Together God blessed us, letting us reach our goal of money for him!  He's a CUTIE!!  I would just love to rock him in my arms & give him the love he's never known.  Tell him just how wonderfully special he is to me, but more importantly, God! <3 

Pray & donate (if possible) to him also! :)

Last but certainly not least is little Mark, (I call him Markie..(: ) He's two years old and the most adorable baby ever!  Just look at the way he's holding his teddy bear!   I really high hopes for this child, God has a big plan for him, as well as the other orphans, I believe!  God's plans are perfect, He makes NO mistakes!  These children aren't mistakes, they are beautiful creations from God that He decided to make just a little extra special than the rest of us.  We shouldn't treat them different because of that.  God wants us to take care of His chidlren, He loves them JUST as much as He loves us! He's our daddy! :)  They aren't completely along in the orphanage, they still have God by their side, still, it's our calling to help save them any way possible!

Pray is number one!  If we don't look up to God & ask him to help us save them, nothing would happen, we wouldn't go anywhere with saving the little orphans.  So prayer is number one in this!

Donating is second!  Donations whether it be prizes for a giveaway or money towards a their adoption or a fundraiser often times blogs hold to help raise money for families bring home their baby. (Or babies) It helps a GREAT amount!   An adoption isn't a cheap thing at all, so any money helps! :)

(Please e-mail me if you are adopting or plan on adopting in the future, we can possible plan a fundraiser on one of my blogs to help you, we're here to support those who adopt!

So there you go, there are my four precious angels I keep in my prayers daily.   I hope that if you haven't already you will think about considering becoming a "Prayer Warrior" for a child from Reece's Rainbow yourself.  It is a wonderful thing to start doing. It really shows you & makes you think about how much you have & take for granted of the simple blessings that God has given you.

God Bless you!


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thanks for stopping by "Sisters Stick Like Glue" it's a new blog me & the two of my sisters are creating together, we'll be making posts from things God has taught us, and also more advocating for orphans from Reece's Rainbow!  We're very excited!  Right now the blog is in the processes of being designed & we're working on a few posts.

Please go ahead & follow!  We'll be up in running in to time at all! :)

~The 3 Sisters ~
Kaitlyn, Kristen & Madison. <3